Interesting Facts About Pregnancy

Posted on 12 December 2017

Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. You are growing a life, a child inside your body. It’s incredible. Things happen to mom’s body that most of us couldn’t even imagine. We’ve also debunked some myths about pregnancy, some of which are pretty intuitive and have been accepted as fact for decades.

In addition, since every mom’s body is different, some really crazy things have happened, pregnancy-wise, in the past. But despite the fact that it happens all the time, there are still several things about pregnancy that we don’t quite understand. It seems that every few years, we discover something new about it that changes the way we see the whole process of babymaking. It turns out that as we continue to understand pregnancy and childbirth better than ever before, we’ve discovered some insanely weird things about it.

pregnancy facts

 Morning sickness doesn't often happen in the morning Most women get all day (or midday, afternoon or evening sickness) in the early part of the first trimester.

 The Father Might Show Symptoms of Pregnancy It's surprisingly common for a father-to-be to start gaining weight, getting morning sickness and even feel cramps in his lower abdomen. The condition is known as a sympathetic pregnancy or the Couvade Syndrome, which comes from the French word couvee meaning "to hatch".

 Tall? More chance of twins Researchers has found several genetic factors can lead to multiple births. These include: If you’re over the age of 35, have a history of twin pregnancies, there are twins in your family, or if you’re tall.

 The baby's fingerprints are formed within the first three months of pregnancy.

 Your belly button may poke out If your belly button is poking out, don’t panic. As the swelling uterus pushes forward so the belly button pops forward. It should return to normal after birth.

 Studies have shown that babies can taste what the mother is eating. Strong flavors like garlic are especially able to pass through the amniotic fluid.

 Your baby can hear you Ears are fully formed halfway through pregnancy and baby’s sense of hearing is quite good, despite being muffled by amniotic fluid.

pregnancy facts

 Extra fluid and water retention can cause pregnant women's feet to grow up to one full shoe size.

 Pregnant women have less oxygen in their blood, which is what causes "pregnancy brain," or forgetfulness

 Women who suffer from heartburn during pregnancy are more likely to have babies born with lots of hair.

 There is a strange taste in your mouth This is probably caused by pregnancy hormones and can result in absence of taste or a metallic taste in the mouth.

 You are more prone to urinary tract infections in pregnancy. Report any pain, blood or burning to your doctor.

 contractions don’t stop after labor They usually continue at a much lower level for a few days after birth. This stops excess blood loss.

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